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Fantasy football is an interactive online game that transforms you into the manager of your own team – and in Sorare Football, into a real owner, as you own your digital player cards used in Sorare fantasy competitions. Fantasy football has grown from a hobby among friends to a global phenomenon, uniting millions of football fans.

In fantasy football, your objective is simple yet challenging: assemble a team of real-life football players and compete against friends and rivals for bragging rights and, in the case of Sorare, amazing rewards. As these players perform in actual matches, your fantasy team earns points based on their on-field actions like goals, assists, clean sheets, and more. It's a test of your football knowledge, strategic planning, and adaptability.

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About Our Game


Sorare takes fantasy football to the next level. Unlike traditional fantasy sports platforms, we offer a unique twist - a platform where you not only build your fantasy team but also collect and trade officially licensed digital cards of players.